Flogsta uppsala

    Flogsta matförening

    Flogsta is a neighbourhood in the west part of the Swedish city of Uppsala. Most of its inhabitants are students attending Uppsala University or the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Location [ edit] The neighbourhood is located approximately kilometres (about 4 km by road) west of the Uppsala city centre.


    Flogsta (noun) is a student neighbourhood 3km to the West of the city of Uppsala, Sweden. It is known in particular for one special thing: the Flogsta scream. TV stations from Germany and other places in the world have literally turned up to record it, interview people about it, note it down in history as an anthropological ambiguity.

      Bo i flogsta

    Flogsta är en stadsdel i Uppsala som ligger i västra delen av staden, cirka 3 km från centrum. Stadsdelen har en blandad bebyggelse med rad-, par- och kedjehus samt studentbostäder. Stadsdelen avgränsas norrut mot Berthåga och Rickomberga av Enköpingsvägen– Luthagsesplanaden.

    Flogsta lägenhet

  • The Flogsta Scream occurs every night at 10 p.m. when university students living in Uppsala’s Flogsta neighborhood stop what they’re doing and let out a collective scream from their windows.

  • Flogsta, uppsala flashback

    Located about four kilometres (two miles) from Uppsala is Gamla Uppsala (‘Old Uppsala’), a treasure trove of Viking history. Here, you’ll find more than burial mounds, as well as the ancient Gamla Uppsala Church and the Gamla Uppsala Museum, a must for history and archaeology buffs.

  • Flogsta lägenhet
  • Flogsta restaurang

      A number of lush parks are right on your doorstep, while the pleasures of the city are also available. It’s one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods in Uppsala, and the amenities available reflect this, with great shopping, excellent restaurants and plenty of bars and cafés.

    Vrålet uppsala

    Sernanders väg 4/Flogsta. Sernanders väg is a large student residential area in Flogsta which is situated 3 km west of the city center. Flogsta is also close to nature areas. The large apartment buildings were built during the late s and renovated in the s.

  • flogsta uppsala

  • Flogsta skriket

    The line is referring to a local phenomenon that’s been taking place in a specific area of the Flogsta neighborhood of Uppsala, Sweden, since at least the '80s, and possibly as early as the.

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