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    Longbrake says MS brain lesions are caused by inflammatory damage to nerves. This damage leads to neurologic deficits like weakness, numbness, or memory problems. Inflammation of the central nervous system is linked to the initial appearance of the disease as well as relapses.

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    Optic neuritis is retrobulbar inflammation of the optic nerve that can occur spontaneously or be associated with other neurologic conditions such as MS, ADEM, NMO or lupus. Features: Usually unilateral; Dimished visual acuity, red color desaturation, afferent pupillary defect, and visual field deficits; Symptoms: Headache and painful eye movements.

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    Neuroinflammation in the central nervous system (CNS), is accompanied with immune responses of glial cells. Glial cells respond to pathological stimuli through antigen presentation, and cytokine and chemokine signaling. Therefore, limiting CNS inflammation represents prospective therapeutic approach in diseases like Alzheimer's, amyotrophic.

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    Synnervsinflammation Ett av de vanligaste första symtomen vid MS är synnedsättning som orsakas av en inflammation i synnerven. Typiskt för multipel skleros är att endast det ena ögat drabbas. Synnervsinflammation (optikusneurit) medför olika grader av synnedsättning, dubbelseende, dimsyn samt sämre kontrast- och färgseende.

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    Inflammation in a myelinated portion of the nervous system is the mainstay of multiple sclerosis (MS). Elevation of inflammatory markers such as procalcitonin, ESR and hs-CRP is suspected to occur in MS patients.

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  • MS is an inflammatory disease that affects the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord). It affects women about twice as often as men. It usually is diagnosed around age The cause of MS is unknown. However, there are several clues about how MS begins. For instance, MS occurs more often in people who live in northern latitudes.
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    Let’s jump in with the most common questions that people have. What causes MS? What are the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis?.

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      This can lead to an array of symptoms, including fatigue, blurry vision, mobility issues, and pain—specifically, neuropathic pain. 2. One common type of MS-associated neuropathic pain is dysesthesia. This is a skin sensation that is uncomfortable or painful and often described as burning, tingling, itching, stinging, or crawling feelings. 3.

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