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  • Also known as the MAF Method, the Maffetone Method is a heart-rate training method designed to keep you within your aerobic zone. How do you determine this aerobic maximum heart rate? By using the heart rate formula of – your age, then making a few adjustments for fitness, injury, health (more on this later).

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    MAF uses heart-rate training to build your fat-burning engine. Nutrition MAF will tell you exactly what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. Stress MAF analyzes physical, biochemical and mental-emotional stress Get Started Readhow the MAF Method has helped people of all athletic abilities transform their health and fitness.

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    What is the Maffetone Method of Moderate Running (MAF Method)? The Maffetone Method of Moderate running is a method of training that uses your heart rate to ensure you are staying aerobic on your runs. It was developed and is named after Dr. Phil Maffetone. Dr. Maffetone is a doctor and a coach.

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    Maffetone Method for Beginners | Low Heart Rate Training & How You Can Improve Your Running By Running Slow. MAF Training stands for Maximum Aerobic Function Training. You, may have heard th Show.

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      A three-month (day) training period of percent Aerobic (MAF HR) Training. This is because the aerobic system, which burns fat for fuel, and is responsible for the body’s health, energy regulation, longevity, and endurance performance, develops over a relatively long term.
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    The Maffetone Method is training using your heart rate. You perform all your runs while keeping your heart rate below a certain threshold. This can mean that your pace will decrease significantly from what you normally run. Many runners complain about how slow the pace is when they try to stay under their MAF heart rate.


    For the past two years I’ve been working closely with Dr. Phil Maffetone to pull together his decades of fine-tuning the MAF system for strength training. This revolutionary — and totally safe and natural — approach is now available as his latest book, Get Strong! in ebook and in print.


    If you are interested to learn more about the Maffetone Training Method, you can simply buy the book or go to the website of Dr Phil Maffetone as you can download the MAF Method for FREE. You can also get many information about everything about Nutrition and Training.

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